Thursday, May 19, 2011

How to make a super simple bed

Hey people! Okay, picture this: You arrive home and there is a package on the ground, you open it and to be shocked that it was your first ever American Girl doll! Inside included clothes but there was no furniture. So, C-Dog comes along to show you how to make a bed!!!!! First, you'll need the box your doll came in.
Take out your doll(of course) and fill it up with poly-fill or any filling you think would feel nice:)

Than stick a medium sized towel on top of it(if you put in a lot of poly-fill,like me, try to find a heavier towel)
Add a pillow and some blankets(if you don't have doll sized blankets, using a towel or a bandanna will work just as well)
All done! There! Now you can solve the problem of no furniture!

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