Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My trip to the American Girl Store, Washington DC

Two days ago, my friend and I went to the AG place in Washington DC! Though, it is a lot smaller than the one in New York(the only other one I've ever beeen to) the bright vivid colors really do stand out!
During opening weekend, that store was a very crowded place! But they had so many cool displays that it didn't seem to matter!

Here's Kanani in her new dress. I forgot the name(whoops!)
My doll(Connie) is having a blast!
I don't believe that this outfit is in the catalogs or thier website yet... it's the Innerstar Cheerleading Outfit.
Here's a cute display of Kit and Ruthie doing chores!
New Halloween Costumes are out already!
My friend and I held our dolls up to a display! So that they can make new friends
Cheers to the very cute bistro! We were very fortunate to be able to eat there!
The cool thing about was that if you didn't have a doll, you could rent one to eat with you. The dolls got cute little cups!
Hope your doll and you has a doll-tastic day!
Thanks Emily for the pictures!(my friend)


  1. I went to the Grand Opening for D.C. and I've also been to AGP New York-I agree the one in D.C. is much smaller. I'm also going to AGP New York this week-on Saturday I think. =)

  2. Dear c-dog I have only been to the ag store in DC and I don't know what the New York one is like so if u have any pictures of the New York one will email them to me my email is gjjgirl432@gmail.com