Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Review on Travel Seat

Hey girls! Today I'm doing a review on the American Girl travel seat, which is only sold at stores!
It is a seat where you buckle your doll in and then stick it on your suitcase. So, if you travel a lot like me, this is a very pratical item that you should get!
I think it's very cute but sometimes i worry that my doll might either fall out or get stolen because the buckles don't make any noise and someone could easily take it.
Besides that, it works just fine! Just when you buckle your doll, make sure your doll isn't wearing a dress!
This is what it would look like on a suitcase!
DOn't worry, lots of velcro on the back!
Overall, this travel seat is worth the price($28) because you won't have to lug your doll around!

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