Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No Sew Jean Bikini!

Hello people who probably love american girl dolls! Today, I have another outfit to share with you! No sewing allowed of course! It's a bikini, made of (size 8 skinny jeans) a pair jeans! Yes, I know, another outfit. That's because I had some old jeans that didn't fit me anymore so I figured I could use it for doll crafts:) Anyways, here's what you'll be needing:
-jeans that are about the width of your doll
-hair band
First, cut out from the leg of your jeans long enough so that your doll's underwear doesn't show;) Cut out two of them(about the same lengths). One of them will be the bottom, which, is now finished. Now here is how you do the top:

With one of the pieces, cut two circles out of the sides. This is where your doll's arms will be.
Choose which side will be the front, and cut a slit at the middle(look at picture beneath if you don't understand)
Slip the top onto your doll and scrunch up the jean(on the front) into a ball...
Then use the hair band to secure it there:)
Slip the bottom on too and ta-da! All done:)


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