Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to make a cabinet for your doll

Hey fellow people:) Today I will show you how to make a cabinet for your dolls:) You know, for your kitchen(or bathroom).
First, Find a box that has flaps on the sides(I used an american girl box)
Cut off the top.
Then, decorate it as desired(I put colorful paper on top.)
You can use duck tape, paint, ect.
Get two wooden sticks(these are square-ish) and make sure that they are 
slightly larger than the box(so they can snugly fit in their)
Space them out on a piece of paper
(this will become the shelf so make it the length you want)
Glue them as shown so that they don't show.
Glue them in.
Cut some wire and hot glue it on the front for handles
Tape them to your favorite place(like the kitchen)
You are now done!!!

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