Friday, January 13, 2012

How to make a cherry pie for your ag doll!

Hey everyone! After a lonnnngggg time of thinking of my own craft, I finally decided to show you all how to make an AG doll cherry pie. I am deciding to start a How- to -make series with food. Like dinner food! Maybe some ice cream too:) Anyways, let's get crafting!
What you will need:
-red felt
- tan felt
-aluminum foil
-hot glue/ hot glue gun
First, draw a circle on the foil. Make sure it is like an inch larger than the size you want your pie to be.
Cut out the circle and make three of them.
Put the three over each other, and then mold it into the pan like thing you want.
Using the tan felt, make a circle slightly larger than your pan. Cut it out.
Push it into the foil and hot glue it in. Trim off the excess.
Cut out a red rectangle four times as big as your pan(about)
Fold it up so that it can fit in the foil
hot glue it in
Cut out four thin strips of tan felt...
Glue as shone...

All done!!!!!!!!
C- Dog

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