Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to make a doll sized lamp

Alright, here's what most of you have been waiting for... A DOLL SIZED LAMP:) Okay, here it is:
What you will need:
-hot glue gun(works best but a glue bottle works too)
-a paper of a sort(for the shade part)
-tooth pick
-water bottle cap(any cap works fine really)
1) Decorate your water bottle cap as you want(paint it, duck tape it, ect.)
2)Hot glue a bead to it. The cap is now your base to your lamp.
3) Once the glue dries, hot glue the inside of the bead and stick your tooth pick in it(decorate first if you want)
4) For the bulb: glue a yellow bead to the top of the tooth pick.
5) Wrap a wire right underneath the bulb. Make sure that it is glued into place and that it is sticking out.
6) Make a circle for the shade and fold it in half. Cut to the middle(starting at any point.)
7) Make it into a shade shape(see top picture for this). You can do this by placing the part where you cut over the circle to make it 3d. Trim if needed.
8)Glue together the shade and the wire so that the end of the wire is supporting the shade.
All done:)

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